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Eser Etzbaot


Eser Etzbaot was an attempt to make and sell artwork using the economic idiom of a small business; i.e. advertising, a set hourly rate + materials.


Just as plumbers, hair-stylists and pizza-parlor-owners do, I made a flyer, stuffed it in mailboxes, handed it out to friends and acquaintances and peddled it anywhere I could. i also put an advertisement in the yellow pages under the "Artists" heading.


I offered to make anything which may be considered an original art object in any medium, any size, any color, any subject. The price was calculated as a function of the time and the cost of materials.


The project addressed two issues:


Outside the art world: It attempted to assuage the understandable frustration of the lay public with the insular and inscrutable art world - its language, its codes, and above all, its products.


Inside the art world: It attempted to expose the arcane and fantastic gallery/museum mechanism by which a particular piece of cloth, stretched on four pieces of wood and stained with paint can reach values in the tens of millions of dollars while other, very similar pieces of cloth do not.


Over the the five year run of this project i made over 120 objects.

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