BuyTheWall.com was a web-site that based itself on the precedent of the Berlin wall. It offered to sell select portions of the Israel-Palestine barrier wall. Unlike the pieces from the Berlin wall that were sold on the spot, my website guaranteed "wall futures" in the event that the wall was torn down. (The Israel Foreign Ministry claims, on its web-site, that the wall is temporary).

Visitors to the site could choose a section of wall in Tul-Qarem, region, Abu Dis, Rachel's Tomb or Hizma area. Then they could purchase their piece (Paypal) and would receive a n official certificate guaranteeing their right to the piece. There was also general information about the wall, a gallery of graffiti on the wall, and a very funny FAQ section.


The project, apart from its online aspect, involved going physically to the wall and marking off sections and numbering them. This got me arrested once, and pretty close twice.

The web-site and project were exhibited first at Givat Haviva Peace Center Gallery, then at the Essl Museum in Vienna.

In 2016, with maintenance costs high and demand for wall parts very low, I let the site lapse.

© Yoav Weiss 2014

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