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Sculpture of the day


From the 25th of February until the 15th of May 1992 i made and exhibited one sculpture every day. The sculptures were shown on a dedicated shelf at the Artists' House in Jerusalem.


All together I made 65 pieces and guest artists made another 10 while I was on a two week vacation.


Each day's sculpture was photographed with an polaroid instant camera. Some of the images (such as the first five) have been lost, and some of the objects could not be photographed.

March 1


A Springtime Homage to David Polombo

Black painted wood with almond buds

Made on the day of the opening of a show of Polombo's work at the Artists' House.

March 2



A valid monthly bus pass on a hook.
(photo lost)

March 3



One peeks through holes in a display box at a piece of floor-tile and a light-bulb inside

(no photo)

March 5



Sunflower seed shells and hot glue.

March 6



Horseshoe impression in glass

March 7


Heart / Bottle

March 8


In Honor of International Women's Day

The Willendorf Venus with the continents painted on her

March 9


On the Second Day, 11:15 AM

Glass with clay test

March 10


For External Use Only

3 medicine bottles and glass shards

March 11


In a Random Universe Dreams Don't Always Come True

Flakes of paper, a light and fan inside the display box.

(no photo)

March 12


Funeral for a Fish

A salted fish on a bed of flower petals

March 13



A screen window with a lamp and a piece of newspaper.

March 14



Combs with grass and paper

March 15


Spring Was Born in My Childhood's Garden, and Where Is She?

Photographs of a lifesize ceramic sculpture of a woman, framed in wood-bark

(photo lost)

March 16



A firebomb with an Israeli flag as the rag

March 17


Self Portrait as an Artist

Three silhuettes glued on the inside of the vitrine: a painter, a welder and a carpenter. Three shadows are then cast on the rear of the vitrine.

March 18



A puppet dog animated silhuette.

March 19


Christo of the day

Plastic bags and string

March 20



Flowers and honey in a steel box

March 21



An apple and an egg

(no photo)

March 22


A Post-Modern Museum Exhibition on a Budget

Incredibly bad reproductions of well known paintings (The Nightwatch, Starry Night, Liberty Leading the People, a Cezanne 'Country Road') framed by metal strips from olive cans.

March 23



Books and glasses of water

March 24



Teetering glass shards

March 25


A Springtime Homage to Yaakov Agam

An Agam-style work made of flowers

(photo lost)

March 26


Chatter (please turn the handle)

X-ray teeth biting

March 27



March 28


Settlement 2

The sign reads: "Friday's sculpture refuses to be dismantled. The public's help is requested in dismantling it.

March 29


Cycling on a Wire

March 30


Firebomb II

Sunflower seed shells and lace

March 31



Sheetmetal fish fishing line and pebbles

April 1


No Sculpture Today

Two cutout figures holding a sign.

April 2


Firebomb III

Melted glass bottle with a white rag

April 3


Firebomb IV

Clay bottle with clay rag

April 4


A Lake in Jars

Jars with dirt, water, fish and air.


April 5


Firebomb V

Broken and glued bottle with rag

April 6


Three Objects

Ceramic ear, computer chip and pacifier

April 7


Sleeping Alone with No Blanket

Pebbles with a small cotton figure.

April 8


Planes in the Wall

Many small plastic planes glued to the wall In response to Yaser Arafat's crash landing.


April 9


Study for Stones in the Windshield

Glass casting and pebble.

From April 10 to April 24th i was abroad and guest artists participated in the project.

April 10 - 11


Guest Artist: Eldad Van Krepfeld

What they may, i am denied

A small wooden chair and a bell.

April 12


Guest Artist: Israel Rabinovich


A small concrete casting with steel bars

April 13


Guest Artist: David Gerstein


Aluminium Casting

April 14


Guest Artist: Tamar Meshulam

Thau Shall Not T

Carved stone

April 15


Guest Artist: Eduardo Cohen

The Critic's Eye

A painted shoe box with a postcard of one of his works inside. On the box it says "Welcome to the show, what you see is what you get."

April 16 - 17


Guest Artist: Anat Hoffman

Ready for the Passover

A decorated frozen chicken

April 18th and 19th the Artists' House was closed for Passover.

April 20


Guest Artist: Ella Feldman


Wire Monocol with little bits of carton

April 21


Guest Artists: Svetlana Dobrovsky and Alexander Rodkov


A heart shaped pillow with a spear through it.

April 22


Guest Artist: Uri Tzaig

A Place with an Hourglass

A pile of 'Matzos' with a hole full of flour in the middle.

April 23 - 26


Guest Artist: Hedva Shemesh

The Circle of Life

Fish in an aquarium with examples of the developement of a chick in the egg in a closed box in the water

April 27


Self Portrait as a Reflection

A photograph of myself as a baby reflecting in a pool of water inside the display box.

(no photo)

April 28



A postcard of Jerusalem's old city reflecting as above with the title: "ENOUGH!"

(no photo)

April 29



A chunk of concrete with a bird's wing

April 30

(Holocaust Remembrance Day)


A pile of printed pages sandwiched between two sheets of glass and burned. The top sheet a page from Psalms.

May 1


A bed made of a slab of marble with a blanket made of tooth x-rays sewn together with red thread

May 2

Mechanical Beggar

A motorized mechanical wooden arm shaking a cup of alms. The tube led to the Artists' House collection box.

May 3


A branch held between two screened rings

May 4


Dried cherries on sheet of glass layed on wax slugs

May 5


A saw with twings instead of teeth

May 6

(Memorial Day)


A pile of gravel on a slab of marbel

May 7

(Israel's Independence Day)

Strike the Hammer, Wave the Flag

A cammed arm waving the Israeli flag and striking a toy hammer typical of the holiday

May 8


The First Sculpture

Two cairns -one at the enterance to the building and one on the shelf.

(photo lost)

May 9



A fish, lit from below, inside the display box.

(no photo)

May 10

Rock, Paper...

A vitrine full of rocks.

May 11


A metal hoop with metal strips welded around it

May 12

Jacob's Ladder

Cutout angels made of olive cans and found ladders hung as mobiles

May 13


Lemon juice dripping from a bottle onto a slab of marble

May 14


A sprout growing out of a faucet

May 15


Bone, stick and glass bound with rags

May 16

Finito La Comedia

A tape recording of my beating heart inside the display box.

(no photo)

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