The Fede project taught adults how to ride a bicycle. All of my students didn’t learn how to ride as children, but were able to master the skill after around two hours.


Learning how to ride is easy for children. They are used to falling. For adults,riding is a more perilous endeavor-- it is not only learning a skill, but also a break with part of their self-image.


The idea for this project came afterI saw a man teaching a little girl how to ride. Although it was clear that her body already knew how to ride, the girldidn't know it yet. The man pushed her,and as long as her feet were in the air,she kept her balance. But as soon as it was time to raise her feet to the pedals,she would hesitate, and place her feetback on the ground. That moment of hesitation - her inability to commit herself to riding - struck me as very poetic -- a poetry of the body.


This project touches on trust. The student has to trust the instructor of course,but first and foremost,must trust in the peculiar magic of cycling. Trust in their ability to use that magic,find their balance and their center of gravity after all these years





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