Ghost Car



Ghost Car was made for the What’s hidden behind the Pastoral? exhibition organized in Ein Kerem by the Maamuta Arts Center and curated by the Salamanca Group.

Ein Kerem was a quaint and prosperous village not far from Jerusalem when, in 1948, it was overrun by the Israeli army and initially given over to house new Jewish immigrants. With time, the attractive Arab houses and bucolic surrounding attracted a more affluent population and Ein Kerem became a rather upscale suburb of Jerusalem. Set on a steep hillside, with alleys designed for donkeys rather than BMWs, parking has become an issue there.

Ghost Car, designed to recall a 1940's era car, was supposed to take up a precious parking space. As in Freud's return of the repressed: the original Arab village layout has come to haunt the Jewish suburbanites with a parking nightmare.

© Yoav Weiss 2014

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